Project Schedule

  • WP1 Project Management (January 2017 – June 2019)
    Successful project progress and the achievement of project objectives are ensured. The project results are successfully disseminated.
  • WP2 Model design (January 2017 – March 2018)
    Use cases are defined and necessary data sets are identified and analyzed. A BIM4BEMS data model is created and the system architecture is designed.
  • WP3 Workflow (June 2017 – April 2018)
    Use cases are validated. A process model for the creation and maintenance of the BIM4BEMS model has been developed and its application on the test building has been defined.
  • WP4 Framework integration (February 2018 – February 2019)
    The BIM4BEMS workflow is implemented in a prototypical framework by integrating available tools and linking BIM4BEMS model with monitoring data from the building management system.
  • WP5 Validation (January 2019 – December 2019)
    The prototype implementation is validated in a test building and a cost-benefit analysis is performed.